High Performance 8HP45 ZF  Transmission

               We offer high performance 8HP 45 transmissions, we are  dedicated to engineering and building the best 8HP xx transmissions.  Europeantransmissions has developed new Software and Parts  and ways of  building transmissions to make them hold up against  900 NM of Torque. We  spend hours and hours on research and development  and we deliver new  performance solutions and innovations.

Maximum performance is achieved through  our mechanical  engineering of materials and our state of the art equipment.. With  the  experience of our high performance Transmission engineering we developed and  optimized a high power 8HP powertrain.

We use special friction plates that can handle the demands of  higher temperature resistance and greater torque capacity. Our special designed  Kolene steel plates  increase lubrication  and withstands higher heat.  Little improvement enhancements on the mechatronic allow more cooling capacity  , besides the  many upgrades on the valve train and software.

Our 8-Speed transmissions all feature the "Driving Experience  Switch"  (DEC) button to change the transmission behavior. Unfortunately,  BMW did not use that possibility to its full extent  on the normal line-up.  Eurotrans programs your transmission, so you can access all shift-programs the  8HP is capable of and adds other features , dependent on your model.

  • * Added gear Display in D-Mode
  • * Removed 3rd and 6th gear Torque Limit
  • * Raised line pressure mapping for high input torque
  • * Reconfigured DEC Logic, with similar logic as in M-Cars
  • * Even faster shifting in M/Sport+, absolutely instant paddle  response
  • * Recalibrated Shift-Points in D & S Mode to improve  throttle response
  • * No automatic up-shifting in M/Sport+ setting
  • * Transmission keeps the current set ode when the DSC is turned  off
  • * Launch Control enabled ( update of DSC, DME eventually  necessary)
  • * Retains full ECO-Mode functionality including Coasting