This 100% new aftermarket replacement part you see at the left side (not made by ZF or sold by Porsche) using the latest technology and electronics (2021 vs 2007); replaces Porsche part numbers 0501325775, 0501327105, and 0501324703. Fits 911, Cayman, and Boxster models since 2009 (997 991 981 718 models)

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Porsche PDK Transmission Failure

If you experiencing PDK failure in your 911, or other late build Porsche model? Models like 997, 991, Cayman, and Boxster (981) then you are here at the right place. Most PDK failier due to a faulty distance sensor or displacement sensor within the PDK transmission itself. The message you will have seen on your Porsche will read, “Transm. fault. Poss. no R gear. Drive on poss.”

Repair your 7DT45 and 7DT70 Porsche PDK transmission / gearbox instead of buying a new one is our speciality ! We Repair your 7DT45 and 7DT70 Porsche PDK transmission / gearbox instead of buying a new one! The distance / position sensor failure is typically indicated by 1731-1735 and other 17xx errors. Previously this kind of error required a new and very expensive PDK transmission, but now we can just repair the faulty transmission.







Please note: this repair is sold only as a complete job in our shop, and the parts are not sold separately.


The distance/displacement sensor is an important part of the Porsche PDK gearbox; its function is to tell the control unit where all 4 shift rods are at the moment. The gearbox control unit constantly communicates with the sensor pack to make sure gear shifts occurred correctly. Once the sensor goes bad/dies the control unit cannot continue so it will keep driving in the currently selected gear, will not shift anymore, and after the car is stopped it will not allow the car to be driven again – at all. The original sensor can literally go bad “overnight”. There is no warning and nothing that can be done to “prevent” the problem from occurring. Arguably it’s not “if” the sensor will fail, it’s a matter of “when”.



The distance sensor unit (also called “sensor tower”) is

used for recording the position of each individual shift rod

(1). It is designed as an assembly, made up of 4 integrated

absolute distance sensors.

Each shift rod (1) is assigned a sensor, which converts the

linear movement of the shift rod into a distance-proportional

PWM signal. Other functional components of the

distance sensor unit include four associated sensor

magnets (2) on the shift rods. The supply voltage for the

distance sensors is 5 V.


The diagnostic system checks the sensor as follows:

• Short circuit to ground

• Short circuit to supply voltage

• Open circuit in line