FAQ Automatic Transmissions

FAQ    Automatic Transmissions



Q: How can I identify which  automatic transmission is in my car?
A: Located on the transmission is an I.D. plate with a Manufacturers  logo. The first line of numbers is the serial number of that transmission. The second line of numbers is the specification number of that transmission. There is also a type of transmission inked onto the I.D. plate (i.e.. 4HP22 4HP18, etc.).

Q: Where can I purchase a  remanufactured automatic transmission?
A:  factory remanufactured transmissions are available either through automotive dealerships or through your preferred europeantransmissions passenger car transmission distributor  www.europeantransmissions.com

Q: Where can I purchase  parts to repair my  automatic transmission?
A:  Parts for  automatic passenger car transmissions are available in North America through your preferred  passenger car transmission distributor or on line at: europeantransmissions.com

Q: Are repair manuals available for  automatic transmissions?
A: Repair manuals (based on a complete teardown and re-assembly) and functional descriptions (strictly technical information) are available for most  passenger car automatic transmissions. For a complete list of technical literature, please check out our Current Literature section.

Q: Are special tools available for repairs?
A: Some  automatic transmissions require special tools. These tools are available through our special order on line at: europeantransmissions.com

Q: What type of oil do I need to use in my  automatic transmission?
A: Each transmission needs a specific type of transmission fluid to operate properly. The use of incorrect transmission fluid may cause extensive damage to internal parts of the transmission and may bring the transmission right back to your shop. For a complete list of  recommended lubricants please refer to the lubrication list at tech-help.

Q: Can I fill my 5HP30 transmission with ATF Dexron II instead of the oil specified? Why?
A: It is not recommended by ZF to use any lubricant other that those specified (see lubrication list). Use of any lubricant other than those specified by ZF may cause extensive damage to the clutch (friction) plates inside the transmission and the torque converter.

Q: What can I do if I am experiencing a condition with my  transmission that feels as if the parking brake is on, or is as if I am starting off in two gears at once and then the transmission suddenly "breaks loose"?
A: This type of problem is generally a valve body problem. eurotrans has made a reconditioning kit available to the aftermarket. If this condition is not rectified it can cause more serious problems and more costly repairs.

Q: Is there technical assistance available to help me diagnose problems with my  automatic transmission not listed here?
A: For technical assistance, please contact us at 770-888-1499 or visit our tech-talk on line at  www.europeantransmissions.com  You can also email your inquiry to Sales and Service at: eurotrans@mindspring.com