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eurotrans warranty

Limited Warranty
 Terms and Conditions
 European Transmissions and Parts Inc .

-short version-

All European transmissions are re-manufactured at our modern 10,000 square foot facility just
outside of Atlanta, Georgia. At this state-of-the-art facility, we use only Original Genuine parts to
remanufacture the transmissions and include the latest technical updates. All transmissions
undergo the same stringent inspections as the Manufacturer require, original equipment  using only
factory authorized test equipment.
Transmissions rebuilt by European Transmissions and Parts Inc. have a 12 (twelve) month, unlimited mileage warranty.

The standard warranty for a eurotrans transmission is 12
(twelve) months and the warranty begins on the date of delivery. This warranty
is limited to replacing the transmission, or parts, which upon our inspection prove to be
defective. This warranty does not include the following:
· Removal, reinstallation, or any other incidental cost to repair the vehicle
· Abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect application, accident and conversions or
· Incorrect, low, or no oil

If unit was overfilled (blowing out the seals) or under filled (causing internal damage
· Improper maintenance
· Cracked housing
· Aftermarket turbo, engine modifications, etc…
· Power Enhancing computer chip
· Disassembled or Incomplete units
· Any labor costs or resulting expenses and/or any other consequential damages
· Any units that have been tampered with, opened, or inspected without prior
authorization from European Transmissions and Parts Inc.

In order to make and have a claim, you must return the transmission to European Transmissions and Parts Inc. and  a RETURN
AUTHORIZATION number must be issued. No Warranty Claims or returns without prior authorization will be honored. You can file a warranty claim, by phone at 770-888-1499 or by fax at 678-807-1952 or on line claim form


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