Type 01M Transmission

Golf and Jetta Transmission Installation


The 4-speed automatic transmission 01M is installed in the Golf III 1995, Jetta III 1995 , and Cabrio 1995 in combination with a 4- or 6-cylinder engine.

The maximum possible care and cleanliness and proper tools are essential to ensure satisfactory and successful transmission installation.  A number of generally applicable instructions for individual transmission installation, which are otherwise mentioned at various Repair Manuals, are summarized here.

 When installing the torque converter, make sure that both drive pins engage in the ATF pump inner wheel recesses.          Before installing, make sure that dowel sleeves for aligning the engine and transmission are correctly located. Make sure that during installation the Multi-Function Transmission Range (TR) Switch -F125- does not contact the subframe and break. When you need exact instruction on how to install the transmission refer to a Repair manual. When you do NOT install the transmission properly, even a new transmission will NOT run right. Don't torque the trani down with your power tools, the font pump might break. We may NOT warranty a broken front pump after the installation. When your front seal is leaking, you have NOT been careful enough, you broke the seal during the installation. We guarantee you that the transmission runs before it leaves the shop, we install all new parts and we bench test the transmission, we can NOT warranty the trani runs properly, after you install it, because there are too many factors that are out of our control (like speed sensor or throttle position sensor as example), we do Not know if everything functions how it is supposed to be. The only way to be sure that the trani runs perfectly is to perform all tasks like the manufacturer requires.

When an automatic transmission is replaced, the ATF in the planetary transmission  and the gear oil in the final drive is to be checked and topped up as necessary.  So.. after installing, check gear oil level or ATF level and adjust to correct level if necessary

Planetary Gearbox                                                         Final  drive


Planetary gear 

Automatic trans 

Initial filling 

5.3 L 

(5.6 qt) 


Oil change 

approx. 3.0 L 

(3.2 qt) 





VW ATF is available as a replacement part. 

No Dextron !!!


Final drive 



Initial filling 

0.75 L 

(0.8 qt) 


Oil change 

Filled for life 

No change 



Gear oil 

SAE 75W90 

(synthetic oil) 



ATF level checking and topping up

Vehicle parked on level surface, parking brake applied. Fill with 3 ltr (3.2 qt) of ATF through filler line.  Start engine and shift through all selector lever positions with vehicle stationary.  Selector lever at "P" and engine running at idle speed. Bring ATF to test temperature 

Test temperature: 35 C to 45 C (95 F to 113 F) 

Remove ATF level plug from the oil pan -arrow-.                                                                     

  1. Too much or too little ATF will affect the operation of the transmission. The ATF level must therefore be checked at regular intervals

Too much ATF will cause transmission malfunctions and must therefore be extracted

Do Not use Dextron!

Fill with ATF  until ATF runs out of level plug hole -arrow

If ATF drips out of hole: 

ATF level need not be topped up



Too little or too much ATF will adversely affect transmission function


After you install the transmission and before you crank the Engine perform following tests

Test conditions:

Battery Positive Voltage (B+) OK ?       Fuses 14 (S14) and 21 (S21) OK ?

Check transmission Ground (GND) connections.    Check Ground connections for corrosion and poor contact; repair if necessary.    Ground (GND) connection on left next to relay panel.

Check Battery Ground (GND) strap and Ground (GND) strap between Battery and transmission.

Transmission Control Module (TCM) recognition of malfunctions  

Your old transmission stored a number of Diagnostic Trouble Codes "DTC Memory" in your computer ( ECU). Before you test drive the car, you have to erase all the codes in your ECU. Other wise you have drivability problems and you are in danger to break your transmission again.

Depending on which model of car you have,  connect your scan tool to reset the codes.


Erase DTC memory the Diagnostic Trouble Codes       Memory, erasing

                                    Only If "No DTC recognized" appears on your scanning Tool , the On Board Diagnostic program has been completed   

When the DTC Memory is interrogated, the following message should be displayed: 

  "No DTC recognized"



If the ignition was switched OFF, between checking and erasing the DTC Memory for example, then the DTC Memory will not be erased.    

- Adhere strictly to the sequence of operations, i.e. always check DTC Memory first before attempting to erase.

    After checking and erasing DTC Memory, carry out a test drive and checking DTC Memory again. In the event that the automatic transmission does not operate properly despite carrying out the On Board Diagnostic program,  this let you know the cause of the malfunction.  

Electrical malfunctions that affect vehicle performance can be identified using the VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST). The On Board Diagnostic (OBD) capabilities can only be fully exploited using operating mode 1 ("Rapid data transfer"). 

 An automatic check can be carried out in the "Rapid data transfer" operating mode. Then all vehicle control units will be interrogated automatically            

After you replaced the transmission, the Transmission Control Module (TCM) -J217- should  be  brought into the basic settings because the malfunction has been determined and the malfunctions have been corrected.  If the Transmission Control Module (TCM) -J217- is replaced the system must also be brought into basic settings.

Basic setting, initiating

Connect VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST), enter address word 02 for "Transmission Electronics," and advance Scan Tool program until "Select function XX" appears in the display .
Rapid data transfer   HELP
Select function XX
    Indicated on display: 
- Press buttons -0- and -4- (to select function 04 "Basic setting").


Accelerator Pedal must remain in Closed Throttle Position.

Rapid data transfer   Q
04 Basic setting
    Indicated on display: 
- Press -Q- button to confirm input.
Basic setting  HELP
Input display group number XX
    Indicated on display: 
- Press button -0- twice (to input display group 00).
- Press -Q- button to confirm input.
System in basic setting 
    Indicated on display: 
 * System is now in basic setting.
- Depress Accelerator Pedal as far as kickdown and hold in this position for 3 seconds.
- Press button.
Rapid data transfer   HELP
Select function XX
    Indicated on display: 
On Board Diagnostic (OBD) program - Guide

Troubleshooting Automatic Transmission with VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST)

Connect VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST) and select  

1- Rapid data transfer 












































Enter address word 02 Transmission electronics 




































Check control module identification 



















































































Check DTC Memory (function 02) 


No DTC recognized 





Identification NOT OK 






























Correct malfunction according to DTC table 
































































Replace control module 



Read measured value block - 08 
















































Replace component 


Transmission: Perform electrical tests 










































Results as specified 


Results not as specified 















































































































Check wiring according to wiring diagrams Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Troubleshooting and Component
Locations binder 






































































Check DTC Memory (function 02)
Erase DTC Memory (function 05) 


Replace component 



































































Initiate basic setting (function 04) 








































































Carry out road test

Check DTC Memory again (function 02) 








































































If No DTC recognized! is indicated on display 

the On Board Diagnostic program has been completed

The failure to perform all tasks as described above can void your warranty. You have to follow the Guidelines  and requirements from the Manufacturer.

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