Technical   Bulletin


Application:  Volkswagen                    Update

The original Volkswagen 095, 096, 097, 098 transaxles were similar to the AOD in operation. Like the AOD, the had two input shafts. The larger, hollow input shaft was connected to the forward clutch drum, The smaller, solid input shaft was connected to the 4th clutch drum. the converter did not have a lock-up clutch, but provided a mechanical coupling through the solid input shaft.

Beginning in January of 1995, these VW transaxles went through a transformation similar to the AOD when it was replaced by the AOD-E.The small input shaft was eliminated, and the forward and fourth clutch drums where both connected to the large input shaft. A normal lock-up clutch was incorporated into the torque converter. The units went from two input shafts to a single input shaft. The molded clutch pistons in the forward clutch drum K-1 and the fourth clutch drum K-3 were also changed at the same time. Along with the piston changes, a clutch spring retainer with a molded lip was added to these two clutch drums.

This changes require the addition of new parts and updated piston kits to the overhaul kits

1.A new pump gasket is required (parts#12864) because of changes in the pump oil passes for converter clutch apply and release.

2.A new O-ring is required (parts#17837) he is added to seal forward clutch pressure between the input shaft and forward clutch drum.

3.The following table lists the individual pistons affected by this change.

Parts number

 OEM Number





Forward Clutch piston




 Forward Clutch piston




 Forward Clutch Spring Retainer




 Fourth Clutch piston




 Fourth Clutch Piston




 Fourth Clutch Spring Retainer


4.The pistons for the 2-4 clutch, reverse & 3rd clutch, and low-reveres clutch remained the same.    

5. The also changed the shape of the molded pan gasket slightly. As little as the changes is, there is no interchange between the 097 and 01M parts.