7 G Tronic - Repair and Reprogramming of 722.9 ECU by Europeantransmissions

Reprogramming the ECU Y3/8n4 for the integrated mechatronic unit 722.9

1 Year warranty by Europeantransmissions


- repair Y3/8n3 OUTPUT SPEED SENSOR;


Mechatronische Getriebesteuerung !

How it all works !

Once you or your local garage has verified your mechatronic unit needs repair, please read carefully, because you have 3 options for a mechatronic module

Option 1

If you like us to repair your plate for one or more of the above described failures and you are ready to send us your unit, complete the order acceptance form and enclose it in with your parcel. Make sure your unit is wrapped securely using bubble wrap, padding etc. Please fill in the correct repair order form. On this form you can fill in the make and model of your car, type of repair, symptoms or faults, quoted or estimated price, all your contact details and any other helpful information. Please give us a call to confirm your repair has been sent to us or alternatively if you would like to arrange your parcel to be collected please read our Delivery info pages. At this time you can discuss your repair symptoms with one of our Technicians and get an exact or estimated time scale of the repair. The turn around time is in most cases 24 hours. The cost for option 1 is $ 450.00

Option 2

If you like us to unlock your used 722.9xx plate  (TCU), that you can use it on every car you like and you reprogram it and code it, for this task you need to have the DAS Mercedes System or Passthru etc. The cost for Option 2 is $250.00

Option 3

Mercedes 7G-Tronic VGS-NAG2 # 0335457332 and Mercedes 7G-Tronic VGS-NAG3 # 0034460310

Control Unit Rebuilt, Programmed Calibrated and SCN Coded The cost for Option 3 is $ 650.00



If you have any other questions or concern, give us a call, call us at 770-888-1499





Repair Mechatronicmodul only $450.00

7G-Tronic Plus; 722.9xx TCM transmission control module complete Renew Virginize

$ 250

Repair Order

Are you going to send an item to us for repair or bring us an item for repair? Fill out the Repair Order Form and send it along with the affected component.

In case of any warranty claim, please fill out the Warranty repair form and send it with your parts

Warranty repair form

Private Customers

We strongly recommend private customers against replacing the transmission ECU by themselves.

For this task , specialist knowledge is needed, or special diagnostic equipment. In addition, a cause often needs to be traced to prevent recurrence of the problem.

If you still like a cheaper alternative, you can also simply ask your dealer / distributor for our products.
If your garage only wants to sell expensive new original parts, then fill in the contact form, and we will recommend as soon as possible a local garage / dealer.
call us at: 770-888-1499 or e-mail us at: eurotrans@mindspring.com
-Fault Codes
Must be original printouts!
Hand written codes will not be accepted
Do not erase fault codes

Information Needed for the Repair !